Bullies try to justify their actions by saying that it is their victim's fault for being different. They may pick on someone who is tall or small, or fat or thin, or wears glasses, or has a different accent, or another religion, or is shy or clever, or good looking, or disabled or . . . Any excuse will do, and if there is no real difference then the bullies will invent one.

If this is happening to you tell yourself that it is not your fault, and that it is the bullies who need to change, not you.

What To Do

·        Talk to someone you can trust, a teacher, parent, older friend or relative.

·        Be persistent. If the first person you talk to ignores you don't give up, speak to someone else.

·        If you can, write down everything the bullies have done or have said to you, and try to write down how you feel. When you have found someone you can trust and who is helpful, discuss what you have written with that person. Be very careful to only write down things which really happen.

·        If you find it difficult to talk to an adult at school, ask one of your friends to come with you, or ask someone to talk to an adult on your behalf.

·        You could telephone Childline (Freephone 0800 441111 or Freephone 0800 1111). Their helpers provide a confidential counselling service for young people in trouble or danger.

·        Most importantly, do something. Sometimes bullying stops quickly but doing nothing means it may continue until someone is seriously upset or hurt. That could be you, or the bullies may find new victims. If their behaviour is not challenged they are unlikely to stop. 

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