1.     Too much information.

Social networks let you post all kinds of information. The more information you put online the more people can find out about you. Some people might use this to bully you or contact you and lie about being into the same things as you.

2.     Digital footprints.

What TV shows did you find funny a few years ago? Do you still think they’re funny now? As we get older our interests and the things we find funny change. The problem is things you post on social networks can be difficult to delete – other people could have copied them or shared them. Will you want things you post today to be hanging around in a few years time? 

3.     It’s easy to lie online.

Some people set up fake profiles on social networks. They even pretend to be girls or boys your age when actually they’re much older. It can be really hard to tell the difference between someone who’s genuine and a fake.

4.     Anti-social networking.

Just as social networks can be used to share lots of great information about yourself and stay in touch with all your friends – they can also be used to share nasty things - embarrassing pictures, horrible comments, fake profiles – and say nasty things to people.

5.     I did NOT want to see that.

Anyone can post videos, pictures or ideas on social networks – nice or nasty. That means you might see things you wish you hadn’t.

If you are concerned for your safety online please report it. 

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